Pick up at our new Edible Nursery: Fig Earth Supply 3577 N Figueroa St, LA 90065. Open Tuesday thru Sunday 8am-5pm. Tel: 323 224 3938

Hoppin’ Pop-up Holiday Market

Join us for our Hoppin’ Pop-up Holiday Market

Saturday December 17th – 3pm to 8pm

Join us for some Seasonal cheer at our Hoppin’ Pop-up Holiday Night Market at Fig Earth Supply this Saturday, Dec 17th from 3-8pm. In addition to our own specially-curated selection of unique gifts for gardeners, we have a host of very special local artists and artisans, including lovely Linens by Domecil Beauty Utility, must-have, handmade Jewelery by Margaret Solow,  Mary Donald Studio, and Le Petie, Rare and special botanical-based beauty products by Native Roots Soap, and Treasure of Alchemy. Vintage clothing by Jeeyun Ha Designs, with objet d’art by Disablies and Andrew the Photog, Covetable Ceramics by  Ginko Clay Works, and See Ceramics. Handmade Herbal elixirs by Funglaworks, and Honeybee plant Medicine, Hand-hewn chopping boards by Gerard Commarieua, Spicy dry salsas by Salacious Table, and special gift items from Smallchopshop, soaps by Lu and others. We’ll also have Farmers Belly Food Truck  serving up their tasty organic specialties and Conor will be serving his own special Hot Spiced Cider for all to savour.  Come, hang, shop local under the pretty lights and be part of the community.

There’s lots of parking in the front lot and we are a 1 minute walk from the Heritage Square Metro station on the Gold line. 

‘Fig Earth Supply’ opens on March 5th 2016! Located at 3577 N. Figueroa St. in Highland Park, Los Angeles 90065, we’ll be open Saturday and Sunday every weekend from 8am to 4pm.


MiniFarmBox_086I am very excited to open our new pop-up nursery venture, Fig Earth Supply in Highland Park, Los Angeles on Saturday, March 5th.  The nursery combines a one-stop-shop for organic vegetable gardeners with a place of learning and hands on experience for all who want to grow.  We’ll have free workshops and classes every weekend where you can learn, grow and meet our expert guest speakers from the organic gardening world. Sign up here for weekly updates about speakers and workshops. (sign up )


Fig Earth Supply Nursery 1

We’ll have MinifarmBox Cedar planters and raised bed kits, organic soil and fertilizers, irrigation kits, cultivation tools, pots and other great gardening accoutrements.



LObioimageWe’re also home to Spade and Seeds plant purveyors, providing a new crop of unique and rare varieties of organically grown seedlings every week. All our plants are grown from open pollinated seeds and our weekly selections will include vegetables, flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs, all propagated by Biodynamic growing guru, Loretta Allison. 


Sign up here for weekly updates of our seasonal plant list and events. (sign up)


imgres-2We’ll also carry unique varieties of dwarf fruit trees including Citrus, Fig, Pomegranate, Avocado and a selection of other edible fruit providers. Add that to some stylish pots, organic potting soil and specialty fertilizers. and you can create your own personal orchard in one visit.




OslideshowSummer2014-4-1n Saturday and Sunday March 12th & 13th, we’ll be hosting  Tomatomania  with tons of special tomato seedlings curated by the fabulous Scott Daigre.  This is a really great event and it’s the place to find rare seedling varieties you just can’t get anywhere else.


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 5.18.57 PMYou’ll find a great selection of EB Stone Organics soils, amendments and fertilizers. This year they’ve launched a great new organic soil mix  just for raised beds.



I am truly excited at the prospect of this first edible-only organic nursery and supply store in LA. My thanks to everybody who has supported it so far and I hope you will all come, learn, share and grow with us.

– Conor

Please email me if you have questions: conor@minifarmbox.com












Do I have to dig before installing my MinifarmBox™?

You can install your MinifarmBox™ on any flat surface that gets 6-8 hours of sunshine. You can place it in your garden, patio, walkway, deck, or lawn. Even in your driveway. However, if the surface is not flat, you should level it first before installing.

Can I put my MinifarmBox™ on Concrete or stone?

Yes you can install a MinifarmBox™ on most hard surfaces. However we recommend making it three boards high on cement or stone surfaces, because these surfaces get very hot in the summer and will dry your soil out very fast. It’s also a good idea to place a layer of landscape cloth over the hard surface before you fill with soil. This will prevent staining and leeching of soil.

Can I put my MinifarmBox™ on Grass?

Yes! We encourage people to replace their water guzzling lawns with edible yards. You can even get a rebate for removing your lawn from the LADWP. You can cover the base area with recycled cardboard to smother grass and weeds or just scrape away the surface grass before you fill with soil. You do not need to remove the roots completely. Loosen the ambient soil with a fork before you fill.

How long does it take to assemble a MinifarmBox™

You can assemble a MinifarmBox™ in less than 10 minutes. Apart from a hammer to tap the rods down, there are no tools required and all the parts come ready for assembly.

Are custom sizes available?

Yes, contact us with your requirements. We also offer discounts on multiple purchases. We even make a rolling patio box.

Will my existing sprinkler system work for watering my MinifarmBox™?

Your sprinkler system will most likely not provide enough water for your MinifarmBox™, so you will need to water it separately. We supply customized drip irrigation systems that fit snugly into each 4×4 box and attach to a regular garden hose or can be connected to your sprinkler system. Drip irrigation is the most efficient and economical way to water your plants. Sprinkler watering is wasteful as much of the water never gets beyond the surface and evaporates quickly in hot weather.

What if I have Gophers or Moles?

Put a 4×4 screen of chicken wire on the bottom of your MinifarmBox™ before filling the box with soil. This will prevent unwanted diners from coming up from underneath.

Can I make my MinifarmBox™ taller or longer?

MinifarmBox™ is modular. Our extender kits make it easy to expand the size of a basic 4x4x11” MinifarmBox™ – making it as high or as long as you want.

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