Pick up at our new Edible Nursery: Fig Earth Supply 3577 N Figueroa St, LA 90065. Open Tuesday thru Sunday 8am-5pm. Tel: 323 224 3938
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Open Sat/Sun 8am – 5pm and Tue-Fri 9am – 5pm

Nursery now open 6 days a week. Located at 3577 N. Figueroa St. in Highland Park, Los Angeles 90065. Open Sat/Sun from 8am to 5pm and now Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm.



Fig Earth Supply combines a one-stop-shop for organic food and medicine gardeners with a place of learning and hands-on experience for all who want to start an edible garden.  We host free workshops and classes every weekend where you can learn, grow and meet our expert guest speakers from the organic gardening world. Click Here to Sign up for weekly updates about speakers and workshops and plant stock. 


Now at the Nursery

Bare-Root Fruit Tree and Berry Sale this weekend only. Sat 2/18 & Sun 2/19 2017

Free Fruit-Trees 101 Workshop with Elliot Kuhn of Cottonwood Farms. Sat 12:00 noon.
Learn all about planting, maintaining and harvesting fruit trees with Elliot Kuhn, Orchardist and fruit tree expert.

Peaches – Donut, Red Baron, Florida King, Desert Gold & August pride.
Figs – Kadota Seedless, Black Mission, Ischia Green. Pomegranates, Red Silk & Sharp velvet. Espalier Apples – Dorsett Golden and Anna. Fuyu Persimmon,  White Mulberry, Mexican Pear Guava, Haas Avocados. Citrus– Blood orange, Mexican Lime, Eureka and meyer Lemon, Rio red Grapefruit and more.

4x8x22 Raised Garden Bed Kit

In Stock we have MinifarmBox Cedar planters and raised bed kits, Ceramic and clay pots and beautiful Japanese gardening tools. 



We’re also home to Spade and Seeds unique and rare varieties of organically grown seedlings. Grown biodynamically from open pollinated seeds, our weekly selections include vegetables, flowers, culinary and medicinal herbs, all propagated by Biodynamic growing guru, Loretta Allison. 


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imgres-2We also have in stock unique varieties of dwarf fruit and full size trees including Citrus, Fig, Pomegranate, Avocado, Peach, Plum and a other fruiting trees. Add that to some stylish pots, organic potting soil and specialty fertilizers. and you can create your own personal orchard in one visit.

New 5 Gal Citrus just Arrived : Lime, Mexican, Kafir, Bearss (Full size). Lemons Eureka and Meyers (Semi Dwarf). Blood Oranges (Semi Dawrf). Satsuma and Kishu Mandarins(Dwarf). Meiwa Kumquat (Dwarf).



Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 5.18.57 PMWe have a great selection of EB Stone Organics soils, amendments and fertilizers. This year they’ve developed a great new organic soil mix  just for raised beds. We also carry Wynbrandt farms Biodynamic compost, which we believe is the purest and most potent Biodynamic compost available.



Our thanks to everybody who has supported it so far and I hope you will all come, learn, share and grow with us this Fall.

– Conor & Loretta

Please email us if you have questions: conor@minifarmbox.com












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