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Organic Gardening Guide

MinifarmBox Organic Gardening Guide

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The MinifarmBox organic gardening  guide is perfect for beginers. Growing your own organic food takes nothing more than a little time and knowledge applied to nature. Before you know it, you’ll be harvesting bumper crops right in your own backyard (or your deck, side yard, balcony or patio.) Lots of new gardeners worry that their inexperience will mean hours of work and few vegetables. The good news is that starting a garden is easy, fun and hugely rewarding.

Our organic gardening guide will help you understand the basics of organic gardening.  The first step is to purchase one of our cedar raised bed gardening kits. If you don’t have room for a raised bed consider a small space garden. Our table garden or Rolling planters are perfect for you patio or balcony.

Once you have a MinfarmBox product you are ready to grow. The organic gardening guide will help you become a great organinc gardener in no time.

Some things to consider are , your soil, know where to plant, know when to plant and know when to water. The organic gardening guide will walk you through all these step.

Organic Gardening Guide

 Another product we offer for you Minifarmbox is Drip Irrigation. Also covered in the organic gardening guide is why we recommend drip irrigation.

Unlike misters and sprayers, drip irrigation involves very little evaporation because it releases water at soil level over a slower period of time. Misters and sprinklers have very high evaporation rates and, hence, are wasteful of water. Drip irrigation is also easy to manage, and our kits come partially assembled for quick installation. Mulching your MinifarmBox will also help save water and reduce your watering needs.

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