Rolling Tomato Tower

Rolling Tomato Tower


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  • The Rolling Tomato Tower is Ideal for apartments and balcony gardeners
  • 16” x 16” x 24”H
  • Over 2.5 cubic feet of growing space
  • Great for dwarf fruit trees, too.
  • Rolls on sturdy, non marking, swivel casters
  • Reinforced slatted base with screen

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Product Description

Rolling Tomato Tower

The Rolling Tomato Tower is designed to grow perfect tomato plants, in a small space. A Rolling Tomato Tower can easily be moved in or out of the sun to insure and bountiful harvest. Ideal for apartments and balcony gardeners. The rolling tomato tower measures 16” x 16” x 24”H and boasts over 2.5 cubic feet of growing space. The rolling tomato tower is great for growing  dwarf fruit trees and hops too. Rolls on sturdy, non marking, swivel casters and has a reinforced slatted base with screen.  Great for cherry tomatoes.

Rolling Tomato Tower



Lots of people are limited by lack of space or seasonal sunlight. But it doesn’t mean you cant grow great organic vegetables and herbs on your balcony, deck or side yard. You just do it on a smaller scale. The big plus with small space gardens is that they’re easy to maintain, and because they’re closer to your kitchen, you’ll pay more attention to them and get more use from them.

All MinifarmBox  Rolling planters are designed with the space and sun challenged in mind.  And because they give you a full 18″ depth, you can grow deep rooting plants like tomatoes and root crops. One 2′x4′ Rolling Patio Planter can grow up to 20 lbs of tomatoes or 40 heads of lettuce. The Rolling Tomato Tower can grow full size tomato plants. And our Rolling Balcony Box is ideal for narrow balconies such as those in Condos and Apartments.



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