small space garden

Small Space Garden


six vegetables and herbs suitable for the small space garden or container garden. See Planting Menu Here

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Small Space Garden

Jardin Seed Company and MiniFarmBox have collaborated to present the Small Space Garden Planting Menu, six vegetables and herbs suitable for the small space garden or container garden.

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 Small Space Garden Includes:

Arugula is one of my favorite things to eat. There is something about the unique spicy flavor that makes it so irresistible that it rarely gets from my garden to the kitchen before it’s eaten.

Parisian Market Carrots are a great little round carrot that is a nineteenth-century French heirloom. The small nearly perfectly round deep orange roots are delightful in stews and soups.

Genovese has a high leaf to stem ratio and grows 14”-20” tall. It’s slow to bolt, and you can snip the flowers off to extend the harvest period.

Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes are colorful mix of sweet, candy-like cherry tomatoes. Sweetie (Red), Bi Color (orange and red), White, and Yellow cherry tomatoes will provide a rainbow of flavors all summer long. Cherry tomatoes can be grown in 5 gallon (or larger) containers. Perfect for the Rolling Tomato Tower

Mesclun Salad Mix is an abundant potpourri of color, shape, taste, and texture. Harvest a new combination each day.

Cayenne Pepper, named after the town in French Guiana where it was discovered, is a long, thin, fiery hot pepper. Cayenne peppers grow 4 to 7 inches long on bushy, three feet tall plants.

Lots of people are limited by lack of space or seasonal sunlight. But it doesn’t mean you cant grow great organic vegetables and herbs on your balcony, deck or side yard. You just do it on a smaller scale. The big plus with small space gardens is that they’re easy to maintain, and because they’re closer to your kitchen, you’ll pay more attention to them and get more use from them.


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