summer salsa collection

Summer Salsa Collection


The Summer Salsa Collection contains 6 delicious organic varieties including Sweet Red Pimiento Pepper, Tomatillo Verde, Early Jalapeño Pepper, Serrano Tampiqueño Pepper, Crimson Forest Bunching Onions and Cilantro Santo.

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Summer Salsa Collection

Nothing says Summer like a fresh bowl of zesty Salsa.The summer salsa collection and these easy to grow organic varieties will fill this much loved dish with intense flavor. Think tangy tomatoes, spicy and sweet peppers, green onions and cool, fragrant cilantro. Show me the chips! Plant some basil and oregano and you also have a Pizza garden!

As with the Cash Crop garden, I didn’t include Tomatoes in this collection because they’re tricky to grow from seed, especially for beginners. Buy 4” seedlings at your local nursery. The best heirloom tomato varieties for Salsa include Amish Paste, Black Plum, Blush and Arkansas traveler.
Summer Salsa Organic Seed collection


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